Environmental & Economic

The toxicity of sludge from wastewater and water treatment plants is well documented. Disposal of this sludge is a major concern worldwide. National, regional and local governments are looking for a solution that is less expensive to operate and eliminates the negative environmental impact of sludge disposal. The Nowa Technology system is the only complete solution to this global issue.

The Nowa system delivers environmental benefits:

  • No dumping in landfills
  • Prevents ground water, lake, stream and oceanic contamination
  • Eliminates air pollution resulting from incineration
  • No contamination from land application of sludge
  • Soil conditioners/fertilizers:
    • Improve soil water retention
    • Increase crop health & yields
    • Can replace or lower application rates of commercial fertilizers
    • Eliminate chemical fertilizer run-off
    • Have no discernible odor
  • Pathogen free

Nowa Technology’s economic benefits are just as impressive:

  • Eliminates the costs associated with:
    • Landfill disposal
    • Incineration
    • Land application
  • Can lower use of, or replace, chemical fertilizers
  • Process energy byproducts:
    • Can be marketed commercially as a coal replacement
    • Can be used to power a Nowa system
  • Process soil conditioners/fertilizers:
    • Can replace some existing purchased chemical fertilizers
    • Can be sold as soil conditioner/fertilizer on the open market

Contact us to learn more about the very real and compelling benefits that can be realized through Nowa Technology’s Total Biosolids Solution.

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