Return on Investment (ROI)

The Nowa system not only eliminates sludge through environmentally sustainable processes – it also extracts valuable, nutrient-rich biosolids and fuel oils that can be put to use, or sold to deliver a ROI. Over time, the expense savings alone achieved by using Nowa post-process products versus buying fuels and soil amendments on the open market could pay for the system.

Typical process by-products could include:

Soil Conditioner / Fertilizer

  • Slow release nutrients for greater absorption by plants
  • Helps soil retain water
  • Adds beneficial micro-nutrients
  • Exceeds U.S. EPA “Exceptional Quality” standard
  • Exceeds U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred® standard

Biosolid Fuel Source

  • Extracted biosolids could fuel the Nowa system
  • Extracted biosolids can be sold as fuel for other industrial processes
  • Fuel value similar to low-grade bituminous coal 7,850 – 8,000 BTUs/lb (18,259 – 18,608 kJ/kg)

Oil Fuel Source

  • Fuel source for Nowa system or sold to produce revenue
  • Energy value of 18,000 – 19,000 BTUs/lb (41,868 – 44,194 kJ/kg)
  • Equivalent to gasoline or diesel fuel
  • 100 million gallon per day plant (378,541 m³) can produce 13,000 -15,000 gallons of oil/day (49,210 – 56,781 liters)

Over time, Nowa Technology’s system can pay for itself.