Our Technology

The Nowa process is a chemical extraction separation process with solvent recovery that operates at low temperature and pressure. Chemical extraction processes are proven daily in countless laboratories and used in thousands of industrial applications around the world.

Nowa Technology has pioneered the use of chemical extraction to recover valuable products from waste. Our process has been fine-tuned through years of R&D on the extraction of oil from wastewater sludge, and is now being used to successfully recover oil from drilling waste. Aside from the economic benefits of oil recovery, the residual solids from our process are “cleaned” of pathogens and other contaminants and benefit from lower disposal costs or, in some cases, revenue opportunities from beneficial reuse.

The equipment used in our process is reliable and time-tested, and can be sourced from multiple suppliers. There is virtually no technology risk. Low energy, low maintenance and repair costs, and low solvent loss keep the operating costs for our process well below most competing technologies.

The Nowa process is completely scalable, and can be designed for permanent structures, or on mobile platforms in smaller applications.